The design studio Atelier TERATOMA wanted to explore the design space through a multi-functional and technological backpack that has speakers connected via Bluetooth, display, solar panels, a USB port, and a lamp that a folding table, cushions to sit on and a need for a picnic.


AtelierTERATOMA-Technopicnic-01-640x426 AtelierTERATOMA-Technopicnic-02-640x421 AtelierTERATOMA-Technopicnic-03-640x435 AtelierTERATOMA-Technopicnic-04-640x428 AtelierTERATOMA-Technopicnic-05-640x426 AtelierTERATOMA-Technopicnic-06-640x426 TheTechnopicnic-640x351