The designer INSA has made ​​a series of graffiti he animated form of GIFs. “GIF-iti” meets all GIFs street-art developments in the world. Each wall is painted and photographed sequences of 8 frames. Colorful, geometric, hypnotic and sometimes with 3D effects.


insagif-8 insagif-7 insagif-6 insagif-5 insagif-4bis insagif-4 insagif-3 insagif-2bisbis insagif-2bis insagif-2 insagif-12 insagif-13 insagif-14 insagif-15 insagif-16 insagif-17 insagif-18 insagif-19 insagif-20 insagif-24 insagif-25