Paul Cocksedge Studio imagined a spiral staircase with isolated areas to read, think, draw, relax and drink tea. Each level represents a break for employees of this open-space located in Soho (London). Amid a swirling ramp filled with plants, similar to a “flying garden”, the staircase, 12 meters high, has a floor with light Zettel 6 designed by Ingo Maurer and another with a library. The designer said: “If the concept of stairs is going to a point A to a point B, then, there is now a possibility to visit other points and breathe new universes between the two”.


paul-cocksedge_architecture-02-900x900 paul-cocksedge_architecture-06-900x1350 paul-cocksedge_architecture-05-900x1350 paul-cocksedge_architecture-03-900x599 paul-cocksedge_architecture-04-900x738 paul-cocksedge_architecture-08-900x1350